Uncertainty is welcome. Make it happen now.

Since 2007 CUE has been a temporary encounter with the unforeseeable;
CUE is a invitation to make an event happen that doesn´t exist yet,
a call for unexpected responses.

CUE is a stimulus to intensify the experience of people gathering on a space and time sharing the common task of being moved by uncontrollable necessities or deliberated attitudes.

CUE invites us to take care of the event listening what it could be needed at anytime  to maintain the uncertainty.

No program, no conductors,
the course of the event is on your hands.
Take care of the event.

CUE IS MOVING (no fix location)
Entrance free

Contact here if you want to take part organizing the next CUE: info@diegoagullo.com
Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CUE/29808223165