CUE SPECIAL EDITION: this time CUE was an anti CUE because we framed it in time and space.
What we wanted to try out this time was a collective improvisation but keeping the frame that a theater or a stage would provide to the event and where the responsability of making the "show" will be given to the participants. Therefore CUE happened within a specific space for the action, the surrounding space will be for people to go in and out. CUE was framed also in time: 2 hours long and it was video recorded and published afterwards on our website.
We asked for the first time to create a space where people can be focus on the game, so we tried to avoid the lounge feeling of past editions. So it would be great that people who join us are coming with a concret need of taking part on the event.
There were no other rules than respect to each others and the space and also to bring the best energies to make this game happen.